Slim Gana, Ph.D. in Physical Oceanography, obtained at the University P.M. Curie of Paris (1990). He was a researcher and Professor during 13 years at the National Institute of Marine Sciences (INSTM) and at the Tunisian Institute of Agronomics (Fisheries Dept). He also holds a Research Supervising Qualification. In 2007, he joined SAROST and currently he is managing the Engineering Division. Slim Gana is a skilled scientist and R&D supervisor in the fields of Marine Sciences especially regarding operational issues. He was involved in several EU funded projects as SALTO (AVICENNE), MATER (MAST), SESAME and ECOOP (FP6).

Jamila Ben Souissi, Ph.D. in Marine Biology, obtained at the University of Tunis in 2003. She is specialized in assessment of anthropogenic activities impact on marine habitats through ecological studies. She is also focusing her interest lessepsian species within the Mediterranean.

Leila Ghenim, diploma of Engineer in Marine Environment and Fisheries sciences and a Master in Geomatics as well. She is specialized in data post-processing and spatial analyses.

Mehdi Chakroun, diploma of Engineer in Marine Environment and Fisheries sciences and holds a Master in Business Administration and Innovation Management in Marine technologies. He is specialized in Environmental Baseline survey Interpretation, in Environmental Impact Assessment and environmental management.

Abdelhafidh Hamdi, diploma of fisheries Engineer. He is specialized in marine species Taxonomy sorting and identification.