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EU Maritime Affairs released today a new infographic on International Ocean Governance

The International Ocean Governance infographic  presents in figures

01 October 2015MORE

Green Week Conference 2014 launched today and will last till Thursday June 5!

In 2014 the Commission is getting ready for a circular economy in Europe.

03 June 2014MORE

Mediterranean adopted a regional plan to manage marine litter!

On December 6, at the COP in Istanbul, the Conference of Parties of the Barcelona Convention for

11 December 2013MORE

Revealing the upcoming IEEP study on EU legislation tackling marine litter!

The IEEP (Institute for European Environmental Policy) study on identifying EU

26 August 2013MORE

What is new from the Agriculture and Fisheries Council meeting on July 15

One of the top issues in the Council of Agriculture and Fisheries meeting on 15th July

22 July 2013MORE

Maritime zones in Mediterranean Sea- costs and benefits

A recent study on costs and benefits arising from the establishment of maritime zones in the

18 July 2013MORE

The Agriculture and Fisheries Council meeting on 15th July 2013

The Agriculture and Fisheries Council meeting of July 2013 will take place in Brussels on 15th

15 July 2013MORE

"Shark finning": The EU Council regulates against the practice

On 6th June 2013, the  EU Council adopted an amending regulation on the removal of fins of

06 June 2013MORE

Agreement on Common Fisheries Policy reform

The Commission together with the Parliament and Council as co-legislators, have reached an agreement on the reform

30 May 2013MORE

Invasion of European Seas - Increasing trend of new marine alien species

A recently published article identifies 1369 alien marine species in European seas, and

29 May 2013MORE

Participatory Process considered appropriate approach for CFP reform implementation

CFP reform was in large part initiated by NGOs, who still have a role to

08 May 2013MORE

Commission issued today the strategic guidelines to sustainable EU aquaculture development

The EU aquaculture sector has a significant growth potential and can

29 April 2013MORE

Tools to develop a culture of compliance in a reformed CFP

Last week at the European Parliament the European Fisheries Control Agency (EFCA) has presented the

29 April 2013MORE

NEREIDs: Embracing innovation for preparedness in civil protection and marine pollution

The “Deepwater Horizon” oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico

14 April 2013MORE

Turtles in trouble: sea turtles in East Pacific, North Atlantic, Southwest Atlantic, and Mediterranean face higher

02 April 2013MORE

International shipping should cut air pollutants and greenhouse gases together

Emissions of air pollutants and greenhouse gases from the shipping sector have

29 March 2013MORE
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Proudly presenting the “Kostas Nittis Scientific and Strategic Workshop” Vision Document

PERSEUS proudly presents a concise and actionable strategy for

27 October 2015MORE

Coming up next, the last Stakeholder Workshop in Tbilisi, Georgia

The last of the five Regional Stakeholder Workshops will be held on 8th and 9th October 2015

07 October 2015MORE
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This is the fourth out five PERSEUS Regional Stakeholder Workshops towards Good

28 September 2015MORE

(TEAP) - Tool for the identification and assessment of environmental aspects in ports

TEAP, the tool for identification and assessments of environmental aspects

23 July 2015MORE

PERSEUS Stakeholder Workshops due to start in May

Follow PERSEUS in Croatia, Tunisia, Turkey, Morocco and Georgia for five (5) PERSEUS stakeholders’

30 March 2015MORE

Five stakeholder workshops planned for 2015: bridging the gap between EU and non-EU countries

From April to September 2015, PERSEUS will organise five

22 December 2014MORE

Adaptive Marine Policy (AMP) Toolbox launched and under testing

PERSEUS has developed an innovative Adaptive Marine Policy (AMP) Toolbox to assist marine

19 December 2014MORE
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PERSEUS@ Black Sea Day Celebration in Turkey

PERSEUS actively participated in the Celebration of the Black Sea Day on 3rd November 2014 in

06 November 2014MORE
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PERSEUS participates in the successful EurOCEAN 2014 Conference

Today, in the framework of the Italian Presidency of the EU, the EurOCEAN conference concluded

09 October 2014MORE

The PERSEUS Izmir Stakeholder Session 'effect': Connecting the Mediterranean!

It is with great pleasure to see that the PERSEUS Marine Session Stakeholder

08 August 2014MORE

PERSEUS Message from Izmir: The Declaration on Tourism & Marine Litter

The Interactive Stakeholders Session “Blue Growth for Green Cities: Documenting

10 June 2014MORE

The first Argo float deployed by PERSEUS in the Black Sea!

The first Argo float delivered under PERSEUS's WP3 was successfully launched by RV

05 June 2014MORE

A strong presence and good feedback for PERSEUS @ the Oceans of Tomorrow Conference!

PERSEUS had a very good presentation at the Oceans of Tomorrow

07 April 2014MORE

PERSEUS participates in European Maritime Day 2013 in Malta

The European Maritime Day 2013, which is being organized by the European Commission (DG for Maritime

20 May 2013MORE

PERSEUS produces 1st compilation of reviewed EU marine environmental status assessment

One of the objectives of PERSEUS is to identify, develop and promote

23 April 2013MORE

Conclusions of the International Conference on Prevention and Management of Marine Litter

Conclusions of the International Conference on Prevention and

17 April 2013MORE